[LIVE VIDEO] Why many watch Periscope Scopes without downloading the app

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

I’ve been doing almost daily Scopes in the summer of 2016 and noticed that the majority of viewers aren’t logged into Periscope when they watch.

That means they can’t leave comments, give you hearts or even subscribe to future Scopes.

I looked back over my last six Scopes to see how this shook out:

  • On the low end, the one discussing my next webinar had 22 viewers – with 20 watching outside the app.
  • On the high end, me doing a live stream from my walk in a beautiful park had 99 viewers, with 82 watching from outside the app.
  • The Scope discussing this topic had 69 live viewers with 54 not using the app.
  • None of the six Scopes had more than 28 percent in-app viewers.

Why might that be? Some thoughts:

  • You can watch it live on Twitter. So if you are already on Twitter why leave?
  • I’ve had people tell me it just takes a while to download the app and the video is live now. So they come back and watch the replay or hop on a computer quick to watch live.
  • Maybe more people than we thought are still on desktop computers. On mobile phones you can’t watch the web version at all. You are sent straight to the App Store to download the app.

  • They may even have seen the “NOW BROADCASTING” button in the sidebar of my blog. When I go live that changes to red and signals that I’m on air. When people click from the web they get a web version of the stream – assuming they are on desktop.

You may know of other reasons. Feel free to send them to me here and I’ll consider adding them. 

Whatever the reasons might be this is interesting because I didn’t expect it. Ha. But also, measuring  engagement is harder because most viewers are “only” engaging by watching.

I love to say that consuming content is engagement too. This is another example of this. Nine-nine people watching my Scope – despite 82 percent off app – is success and a good audience.

Also, I believe in going where  audiences are. Instead of stressing why they aren’t downloading the app, I’m happy that they are watching and hope I can and have made an impact on them.

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