7 ways to write content faster

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Once companies see the value of content, the pressure to perform and create even more good content can be there. And that begs to answer the question, what are some ways to write content faster? Now pressure to just crank out content isn’t good either, but there is something to be said that quality content happens when the right quantity of content gets published.

In this article, I discuss strategies that help us write content faster. Those strategies include:

I’ve covered the topics of voice dictation and the importance of an outline in other articles. But in summary, voice dictation can be a great way to get content published quicker. For example, I am recording this copy on my computer. I certainly have to go back and edit it, but it makes it much faster to get the thoughts out.

The importance of an outline also shouldn’t be undervalued. And it doesn’t have to be super formal. Many years ago, I created a formal Word outline before I started writing anything. Today, I create the outline directly in WordPress by jotting down the H2 headlines. Then I add to that structure and, at some point, start filling in the copy.

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But let’s talk about other ways to help us write content faster.

Subject matter expertise

Understanding and knowing the topic we are writing about can make increase the speed at which we’re writing. For example, I have experience in this topic which I’m writing about, so it’s relatively easy for me to share my thoughts and the knowledge I have accumulated over the last couple of decades or so.

Certainly, this is not an area that every creator has from Day 1. It takes time to understand the subject matter, and it takes time to be able to write about it in a way that is simple enough but not oversimplified.

Knowing what you want to say

Writing truly is easier when you know what you want to say. For example, I know what my opinions on a specific topic are, and I know what value I might be able to offer to my readers. Once I have that formulated in my head, putting it down on paper or in my digital CRM is not that difficult.

Of course, like anything, this is easier said than done. But, after all, we have to figure out what we want to say, what the right structure is, and then, after all, present it in a way that will engage people to consume the content.

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Proper keyword research

Doing the proper keyword research can help us write content faster. For example, this article came out of me doing keyword research for a different content piece. While doing that, I also noticed that there was interest in how to write content faster. And certainly, I have something to say about that topic, so I decided to share my tips with you in another article.

My point here is that, yes, we should look at the keyword landscape on the content we’re already planning on producing. But one way to create content faster and more of it is by always keeping an eye out for the next story worth sharing. Keeping an open mind while we look at keywords, even when they’re unrelated to what we’re currently working on, can help us write count in faster in the long term.

Use of available software tools

Today you can voice dictate, use an iPad or a different device to produce content. In addition, there are many content production tools out there that make it way easier for us. For example, tools like Grammarly and Yoast help us fine-tune our content while writing it. Making use of these software tools can help as well.

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Maximize the workflow

Sometimes it’s not about the physical act of writing or cranking out the copy faster, but the overall process is just slow. For example, if 59 people have to approve any piece of content, that can slow down content production.

With that, it’s super important to develop the correct workflow with the right set of eyes on content before it publishes. But that also ensures that content can get published as quickly as possible.

We should not just crank out content because that’s the thing to do, but we should find a way to be as efficient as possible with our content strategy and content creation processes. In the long term, that makes the process easier and more enjoyable for the team and drives higher content performance.

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