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Download the Adobe Voice app for your iPad to tell stories
Click on the image to download the app.

Adobe Voice is a storytelling app for iPads that Adobe rolled out in May 2014.

The app is another tool storytellers and content marketers can use to share their stories. I first heard of it through iPhone Reporting’s Neal Augenstein on Twitter. Thanks, Neal!

I tried it on May 11, 2014, and told a 2-minute story of why I use a manual lawn mower. Here’s how it turned out:

The Adobe Voice app starts you off with structure. It offers a number of included outlines for different types of podcasts. That’s great and easy to do. It then walks you through a few seconds of recording at a time.

Give the highlights.
Why would people find this interesting?
Tell us one more interesting fact.
And so forth.

The app doesn’t expect people to talk for more than a few seconds at a time. This can keep the storyteller focused and on point. When the person talks longer than they should a note comes up and says: “Keep it short.”

I also like how the app made me think about pictures. Every few seconds of recording a new picture is needed. That means I needed pictures. I like original pictures (they are unique to us!) and went outside to shoot some quick photos of the manual lawn mower. I was able to take and upload them directly inside the app.

The uploading of the podcast took a few moments, but once it was done, Adobe Voice offered me ways to share the production with my networks. It’s also easy to embed it on websites – including those running on WordPress.


A video explaining the app.

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