How to take virtual tours around the world [Example: Amazon Explore]

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Taking virtual tours around the world could become more enjoyable for consumers as technology advances. Amazon Explore is a new Amazon product that is moving into that direction.

But it’s not just technology that needs to make the experience great. It’s also the people behind the virtual tours. Especially when they are live. Which is what Amazon has now rolled out with Amazon Explore. You can book one-on-one or group virtual tours that are live with a guide for cities around the globe.

In that scenario, the technology has to work but the human part has to be great as well. Is the guy speaking into the microphone, are they talking on mute – who hasn’t done that by now? – and are they making the experience enjoyable? Is the camera showing the sights well?

Amazon Explore allows you to schedule a live virtual tour for trips in cities around the world.

Examples of a virtual trips around the world

For example, here is a virtual tour in Barcelona. You can book it directly from your Amazon account and then take it from your computer. For some reason it’s not available on your tablet at this point.

Virtual tour Barcelona


You can find virtual trips by region and can even shop virtually.  Here’s an example of shopping virtually for textiles.

Amazon explore by region


Virtual shopping visit


To be perfectly honest, my mind is blown how live streaming is taking off. This is just another example of how live video can help us connect to each other. Now, will the virtual trip of Berlin be the same as me walking through Berlin? I’ve actually done that a few years ago when I was speaking at a conference there.

During the pandemic I learned how nice it actually can be to be in the comfort of your home. Let’s also not forget about the people that can’t leave their homes for other reasons. This is a great way for them to see the world as well.

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And if I want to save some money and check out the location I can do that now with Amazon Explore.

One thing that I think would be awesome if you can take these virtual tours in virtual reality. Now that would be immersive. I’m thinking one step at a time here though.

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