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Analysis paralysis is an unfortunate process that can easily kill any social media, content marketing or authentic storytelling strategy. It refers to the over-analyzing of new networks, strategy and sometimes tools to the point that so much time is wasted that when the analysis is complete whatever was being evaluated has become already irrelevant.

Other times, analysis can lead to so many options that we can’t make up our minds on what we should do. Think standing in the grocery store in front of so many different kinds of products that the choice is just too overwhelming or we pick whatever we happen to be looking at.

Other times analysis just takes too long.

Social media networks, for example, come and go. Technology and tools constantly evolve. Theories and tactics changes as well from time to time.

The trick with analysis in an ever-evolving field like content marketing, social media or storytelling is to do just enough to have a pulse on what may potentially work. Then roll projects out in a phased functionality approach. Keep testing, analyzing and refining.

I’m not against analysis at all. I’m against analysis that takes forever and leads to inactivity.

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