Apple Watch keypad: How to “push 1” during a phone call on an Apple Watch

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Answering a phone call on the Apple Watch
I answer a surprising amount of phone calls on my Apple Watch.

The way we interact with tech products evolves because technology evolves. What worked on a rotary phone doesn’t work on a smart phone and what worked on a smart phone might not work on an Apple Watch.

I remember in the 2000s, when content producers would write things like this:

With your computer’s mouse click here to do xyz. 

And then Apple invented the iPhone and iPad and we started clicking with our fingers. While that writing wasn’t technically wrong, it also didn’t keep that  scenario in mind – mostly because iPads didn’t exist when that sentence was first written. And some content strategist would argue that the use of “click here” is never necessary. If it makes sense to click people know to click there even without being told.

Something similar happened to me after I picked up my first Apple Watch in 2016. As you might be aware, the Apple Watch allows you to basically use your iPhone without having to take your iPhone out of your pocket. It’s still a bit limited on all-inclusive functionality but in a nutshell that’s it.

You can answer phone calls directly from the watch, hear the other person through the watch’s speaker and reply by talking to your watch. – Sincerely, 007 Trappe.

Not that I get many phone calls, but a business I work with did call me from their automated system. It wasn’t spam and I needed to hear it. And then they said:

Push any button to continue.

Another version of this is when you are asked to push 1 or 2 or zero.

There are no buttons on this thing. Ugh. Voice only. Or so I thought in 2016. When I got my second Apple Watch in 2020 I finally figured out how to click something on the Apple Watch keyboard while on a phone call. Let me show you.

Here’s how the screen looks while you’re on the call:

Apple Watch phone call As always the trick is to click on the three little dots. Once you do that you get to this screen:
Apple Watch

From that second screen you can also hand the audio over to your AirPods so that’s convenient to know if you’re on a longer phone call which can be difficult to do on an Apple Watch.

Click on keypad and you can push one or two or whatever.

Apple Watch keypad
I don’t know when Apple rolled out this feature or made it easier but it now works and is relatively easy to use. I also have to say that the sound quality of phone calls on the Apple Watch has improved tremendously over the last few years.

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