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With WordPress 3.9 in April 2014 came the function of audio playlists. WordPress has long allowed the embedding of audio recordings – like podcasts. With this update, storytellers and content marketers who use WordPress can now create audio playlists. This is a nice feature to add additional relevant audio recordings to a new podcast, for example. Here are the steps to create audio playlists:

  • Start a new post or page
  • Add media
  • Create audio playlist (left side)
  • Select the files you want to include
  • Clean up TITLE field. This will be displayed publicly so you don’t want it to say TITLE.mp4, for example.
  • Create new playlist
  • Insert playlist
  • Then finish the rest of the post and publish when done

Audio playlists show up as a shortcode in the editor. Here is an example: audio playlists shortcode Publicly, the above shortcode looks like this:

As I was testing this new function I had to rewrite just about every title of these older podcasts. Many had .mp4 or something like that in then. It’s always good to remember to change files on our WordPress sites to something more readable/user friendly.

As far as I can tell audio playlists are post/page specific and aren’t saved anywhere outside of those two formats to easy insertion into other posts and pages.