Authentic storytelling isn’t about being right (or wrong)

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

One of the problems with getting started with authentic storytelling is that many of us want to be right and accepted when we share stories. We can be so timid – almost like we are walking on egg shells – when we get used to sharing our authentic stories publicly.

Before we even share our stories, we say things like:

  • I don’t know if this is the time to share this…
  • I think this story fits here. Maybe …
  • You may find this interesting … (or maybe not)
  • I don’t want to brag …

We set our audiences up with doubt. Well, if he doesn’t think this is a good story, why would I? Don’t place doubt into our listeners’ minds before we even start the story. Just start!

Certainly, not everyone will find our stories interesting. Some people might even say that we are bragging when we share our successes. But successes should be shared!

We will likely never start sharing our stories if we continue to look for reasons not to share them. We should be looking for reasons to share them. Make them meaningful to others. Share something you’ve learned – without preaching! Share something fun and entertaining. Just start sharing. But don’t overthink it. Start sharing.

Some people might not enjoy or like a story. Some might think it’s bragging. You can’t win everyone over. But some people – let’s call them your community or some call them a target audience – will care, be educated and maybe even inspired.

It’s OK. Seriously. It’s OK. Not everyone will like everything we say. But some will and to share your authentic stories, you have to mention them publicly.

Don’t apologize for sharing. Just do. Be yourself. Share what’s important to you. Don’t try to be right. Just be you.