Be aware of the experts who can’t do any of what they are talking about!

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There certainly are enough self-proclaimed content marketing experts out there. They seem to have forgotten that you aren’t an expert until some other people call you one.

Certainly, experts and thought leaders can’t be good at every single task in their field. Take content marketing: Not everyone will be a great writer, photographer, podcaster and and and …. The list of the different tasks that are part and are becoming part of content marketing goes on and on.

And yes, I’ve heard of the football coaches at the top levels who never played. I get it that it’s possible, but football is different. 🙂

Anyone can start a blog – which often should be the centerpiece of a new content marketing strategy. Everyone can be on Twitter and participate. Actual content marketing gurus do blog and are active on social media. But then there are the ones who call themselves experts, charge you a pretty penny for their services (which are all talk) but can’t do any actual content marketing themselves.

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When people aren’t using content marketing strategies themselves, and are trying to tell you that content marketing is such a great strategy to raise brand awareness, acquire customers and be more relevant all-around that just doesn’t jive for me.

Me: “Then, why Mr. Expert, are you not doing it yourself?”

Alleged expert: “I’m too busy with clients.”

#Excuses! #Excuses! #Excuses!

I’m busy with a combination of these, too: Clients, blogging, family, lifting, running, flying around the globe, Twitter, etc. etc.

And yet, magically, I guess, at least weekly, there’s one blog post on here. If it works and is worth doing, we will find the time. Sometimes, it’s at 4 a.m. in the morning, others on an airplane and did I mention that I blogged while holding a baby before?

I do it because it’s worth my time and it works in connecting with people.

Content marketing also works for content marketers. It:

  • Gives them credibility
  • Helps them establish their own brands
  • Brings in new customers
  • Reminds existing customers of their expertise and retains them

And when experts share their own authentic stories and unique expertise it’s good for all of us:

  • We can learn more about them.
  • We can connect with them informally.
  • We can learn from them.
  • They come to mind when we need help with content marketing.
  • Sharing knowledge builds community.

Expert or not, I’d encourage everyone to participate in sharing authentic stories and knowledge publicly online. Start with a blog and integrate social media.

Everyone’s traffic starts at zero, so you have some ramp up time. Experts, of course, already know that.

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