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Black hat is a term that refers to techniques used on websites to build search engine traffic through means that Google categorizes as similar to cheating or being inauthentic. 

Black hat techniques include keyword stuffing, adding links to other sites through spammy ways and any instance when a website appears differently to search engines than human visitors.

What’s black hat and what’s not (aka white hat) is a bit of a moving target. As the web continues to evolve, people will probably continue to come up with new ways to get listed quickly in search results through black hat techniques. Google will at some point penalize those sites. Once that happens they usually don’t appear as high on search result pages any longer.  

Our recommendation: Share relevant content that is authentic and builds audience (aka a following) over time.

That’s The Authentic Storytelling Project’s goal: To increase the number of people, brands and organizations who share their authentic stories in a constant, consistent and relevant way.

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