Sept. 9, 2015, update:

I still think LinkedIn is an important publishing platform, but it’s important to share truly unique content on it and not just copy and paste blog posts over. If you do just paste your blog post on there, it could hurt your blog’s rankings in Google. In the recent past here, I have started sharing shorter unique write-ups on LinkedIn and then link to my blog. In other cases, I just shared a unique post on LinkedIn and nowhere else. Here’s an example.

I used to republish blog posts on LinkedIn and check out the screenshot below to see what can happen. The LinkedIn version outranked my blog. Now, that’s not all bad since the Googlers are still getting to me, but I would prefer my blog to show up first. Wouldn’t you? (Tweet me.)

linkedin blog

July 23, 2014 post:
blogging on linkedinSharing blog articles on LinkedIn, the popular professional social media network, is another way to share your thoughts, knowledge and opinions with a different audience. LinkedIn calls this the LinkedIn Publisher Platform, which was rolled out in the spring of 2014.

It’s still important to have your own self-hosted website/blog where you house and share your content from, but posting articles directly on LinkedIn has its advantages.

For example, see the picture of the article I posted from my LinkedIn profile. Just a few days after it was published, it had been read 229 times, liked seven times and shared another 10 times. People even left comments and offered their own insights.

Overall, I would call it a success and the numbers of my blog post on LinkedIn were much better than they were for the version on my actual blog.

Here’s the somewhat loose process that I follow:

  • Publish post on The Authentic Storytelling Project . I publish here at least once a week.
  • Share the post through social media and other channels.
  • Every few weeks I go back through that time period’s posts and pick one that might be of interest to LinkedIn users and share it there in full.


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