Blogging Topics: Self Growth

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Eric Ungs, a Cedar Rapids, Iowa, based communicator, blogs about self growth at his Unless You Care Project site. He answered some questions for us. We hope that his answers help you in your own blogging – and perhaps self growth – adventures.

Question: You started a blog on intentional self growth. How come? What prompted it?

Eric Ungs runs a self growth blogEric: I was at a point in my life where I needed to really look inward and fix a few things. Upon reading The In-Between by Jeff Goins something inside of me went off. From that point on I began to see my current circumstances through a different lens. I began to slow down and appreciate the present moment. Through the process of self reflection I became intrigued and very much interested with writing. I write in a journal everyday and I began to notice how much lighter I felt after pouring myself onto the page. The action of writing was the intentional habit that was acting as a springboard to my personal growth. With that, I believe we all have a story worth sharing, we are all experts of our own lives, big or small, and I think it’s important that we share it. Just as I had a self discovery moment reading Jeff Goins’ story, I think we can garner such realizations through each other’s stories as well. Therefore I wanted to write mine. I created this blog to share my story of self growth. My hope is through sharing my story it can make a difference for someone else; provide a different lens in which they see things.

Question: How did you pick the topic?

Eric: The topic is purely from the soul being spoken directly from my heart. This is a very vulnerable and honest place for me. I think the more honest and vulnerable we can be with our writing the more uniqueness it has. It has instant personality and presents itself with its own voice. The topic is a space for my own growth.

Question: What’s the end goal? Is there one?

Eric: Self growth. Change. Reinvention. For myself and for the reader. My writing is both experiences I’ve had and observations I have. So it provides an opportunity to serve as a reminder for myself, to listen to my own advice and thinking, in forming intentional habits for self growth. My hope is to provide some kind of spark for the reader to do the same.

Question: You share some personal information. Talk about how you decided that you would share personal experiences?

Eric: The topic at hand is very personal. I think to write about personal growth there has to be credibility behind the words. The words are simply my story, they are my experiences. To provide insight and advice for personal growth it has to be honest, it has to be personal and it has to be from a place of vulnerability. Because it’s real. Otherwise the motive seems sketchy and readers will see right through it. Not only that, from a selfish standpoint, it would defeat the whole purpose for my own self growth. The blog is nothing but pure honesty from a very deep and personal place. Often times spaces from within myself I’ve never traveled before.

Question: Some of your posts go very deep. How do you decide how much information should go into each post?

Eric: I try to focus on just one thing within each post. I then take that one thing and go as deep as possible. Typically each post will have some sort of story, my story, and then I essentially go to a place of reflection. I write as if I am speaking directly to myself. So this to is how and why I can go so deep. I’m essentially an open book; discovering, reflecting and sharing.

Question: How do you decide what to blog about?

Eric: I journal every day with a pen and paper and generally the minute that pen hits the paper I’m off. I’ll start with having no idea what to write about, but the minute that ink is rolling it takes off, and I don’t stop it. This generally serves as fodder for the blog. I also try to write 500 words daily in Evernote. It’s freestyle writing, but with the blog in the back of my mind. So what comes out is generally a more structured piece, but still very raw and unpolished. This provides a lot of fodder for the blog. Regardless, if these provide any content for the blog or not, writing is part of my journey. For topics specifically, it’s anything that supports an intentional journey of self growth.

Question: For people considering starting a blog, what tips could you offer?

Eric: Out of the gate, do nothing but write for yourself and only focus on the writing. I started blogs before but I always had a different mindset. It wasn’t about the writing. I would always think too far in the future without focusing purely on the writing first. The writing part is the only thing that can provide your blog a future. So create the habit of writing first, get it out there. When you have a good feeling that you’ve created a habit of writing, then you can start to focus on lead generation, Google Analytics, guest blogging, plugins, design, A/B testing, popups, etc. But my advice would be to write for yourself and form a habit of writing first.

Question: Any other thoughts?

Eric: If you’re considering starting a blog, just do it. Don’t get caught up in all the bells and whistles out of the gate. Just start writing. I think writing is so important. We need to have an outlet, we need to be able to free the head chatter, our ideas, thoughts, etc. Writing gets those out and frees your mind. Just write. Just do it and push through your fears. The best is yet to come.

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