Why I love bluetooth keyboards the best [Product reviews]

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It’s been a while that I’ve used keyboards that had cords plugged into my computer. I used wireless USB-connected keyboards for a while but in the last year or so transitioned to bluetooth keyboards.

Why? From my perspective, bluetooth keyboards and just like a bluetooth mouse are fast and free up USB inputs, which I never seem to have enough of anyway. Let me show you the two bluetooth keyboards that I use and what I like and dislike about them.

(Product links are affiliate links, meaning I get a small commission if you click and buy. Opinions are nonetheless mine and I bought these keyboards myself.)

The Sparin iPad keyboard

IPad bluetooth keyboardI use this wireless iPad keyboard – mostly with my iPad Pro. It uses batteries that you need to buy separately and insert.

To set it up, simply pair the device via bluetooth to your iPad. Pairing to iPhone or really any device with bluetooth works as well.

I like this particular keyboard as well because it’s tilted up and the buttons are real buttons. It feels like a real keyboard.

IPad keyboard

This keyboard also comes with a wireless mouse.

The Jelycob bluetooth keyboards

Working on my computer with two monitors I currently use this backlit keyboard.

Bluetooth keyboard
To prop it up just a bit, I use this small keyboard stand as well.

Keyboard stand

This keyboard can get plugged in through a USB connector to get power. That might seem counterproductive as one reason to use these keyboards is to not need USB. But this USB doesn’t need to get plugged into the computer – like the USB-connected keyboards. I just connect this one to my power strip on my desk.

I like this keyboard as well. It’s easy to use, the right size and the buttons are real buttons, which I prefer.

Bluetooth keyboards advantages

I would recommend both of these keyboard and use both daily. A huge advantage of them also is that they can be connected to any device that allows a bluetooth connection. And we can live with fewer cables.

And even though I do voice dictate a lot of content, keyboards are still a necessary tool for us content creators. Picking the right ones also matters to making sure we are comfortable while working and creating content that has a chance to perform. 

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