BREAKING: Neighborhood marketing committee uses 15,000 billable hours to sell free desk on the curb

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

Starting with the new fiscal year and marketing budgets approved the neighborhood marketing committee was ready to meet for their first sub-sub-sub committee meeting.

Today’s topic was important: Let’s put a plan together so we could sell this free desk – or maybe it’s a TV stand – that has been sitting at the curbside.

This year’s chair, Colleen, knows the importance of creating engagement before anything else.

“So, let’s set up a Facebook account quick and share stories,” she shared as her first actionable item of the meeting. “And after that, let’s do Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest.”

“What’s the story of that desk? Where has it been? What has it seen in what appears to be a long life? We can share all those stories!”

Joe wondered aloud if the owner “should create a Pinterest board. Yes, definitely, let’s do that, too.”

Mary chimes in that we should run some promotion strategies. Let’s run a Facebook campaign and target everyone in our neighborhood.

“Should we post it on Nextdoor?” asked Sophie.

“I think Facebook is still better,” replied Matt.

“Or maybe we could just go door to door and knock? There’s only like 20 houses here,” said Amy.

“Oh you mean like it’s Halloween?”

“That seems old school,” chimed in 19-year-old marketing student Jimmy. “Let’s do a nurture email campaign.”

The team splits up and runs a number of campaigns for the next few days.

“The engagement looks great,” Joe shares in the group’s Basecamp project. “We have people from all over the world liking our pictures and posts. We are rocking it.”

“The desk is still there, though.”

“Maybe we should lower the price?”

“Or run more ads.”

“How is the budget looking?”

<Yea, there are lot of people on this marketing sub sub sub committee! :)>

“And how many hours have we spent on this?”


“Roughly 15,000. So at 155 an hour that table  is worth around $2.3 million. What are we currently listing it at?”

“Still zero dollars!”

“Maybe we should hold an event around the desk and then give it away as the raffle gift.”

“How much will the event cost?”

“Nothing. As long as we find sponsors. Two at $10,000 each should cover it. And we need police officers to block off the road so we can dance.”

At the time of this writing, the neighborhood was still bonding over working together but not making the sale getting rid of the free table.

Happy April Fool’s Day! It’s a joke obviously and – as far as I know – a neighborhood committee like this one doesn’t exist. Enjoy your April! 🙂 Any resemblance to any real marketeers is purely accidental.