Business travel tip: Don’t forget where you are! Enjoy it at least a bit!

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I travel a lot. And I love it. You may say it’s part of my story. Ha. Yes, I miss my family, but we FaceTime and most of my trips are short. Think 1-3 days. Even international trips have typically been under a week.

But on all my trips – no matter how short I try to see and enjoy some of the local specialities, experiences, etc.

At least drive by (New Orleans)

I was speaking about blogging on Sitecore and WordPress at a conference in New Orleans in 2015. It was a day-trip. I flew in, said hello, spoke and the outbound was boarding in 2 hours. Just enough time to drive around town. Windows down, I cruised the streets, listened to the musicians on street corners and enjoyed the atmosphere. Not perfect, but better than sitting at the airport.

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Book a room with a balcony 

It might cost slightly more but I always quote my travel at a nice room like this. If I’m already there I would like a view, please. This is a picture from Miami when I spoke on how to turn your blog into a book. The 11-floor hotel had around 30 balconies and it was totally worth it.

Stop by local sights 

When I was in Munbai, India, in 2015 speaking at the Blog Now, Live Forever conference I hired a driver one afternoon to see some of the historical places worth seeing.

When I was in New York City in early 2016 I stayed near Central Park and went on a couple of runs and walks there. Amazing and worth it.

On a 2014 trip to Las Vegas, I visited a mine. (Read my recap here on that visit.)

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Open the blinds at the hotel 

I remember one business trip where we were working in a hotel room in Denver in 2015 and the blinds were closed. I finally opened them to reveal the beautiful view of the mountains.

Know your modes of transportation 

I like to rent a car, but sometimes it’s not the best choice. If I have to go a ways and stay for multiple days it’s usually easiest and cheapest. Plus, what Uber driver wants to pick me up in Dallas at 6 a.m. to give me a ride to the Katy Trail to run?

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If trips are short or you won’t be doing much driving an Uber is usually much better and cheaper. If you are a Sheraton loyalty member you can tie your Uber account to your Starwood account and earn points even.

On a day trip to Montreal the car would have eaten up too much time. Finding parking, parking and then walking to wherever you need to go can take up a ton of time. That can be a problem when there’s little time. We were better off ubering it.

Are the local professional teams playing at home?

I always check if a team is at home. Surprisingly, they hardly ever are. But when they are I like to try to go. Stubhub sometimes has great deals right before the game. That works if you are close to the venue.

I like to get seats as follows.

  • Hockey – center ice, first row of nosebleeds. Great view!
  • Football – 50 yard line 30-40 rows up. I’m dreaming. LOL.
  • Baseball – height of the press box, near first or third base. Great view.
  • Basketball – haven’t gone in a while so I couldn’t tell you.

Other local flavors 

Try to eat somewhere local. BBQ in Kansas City, fish in Boston, etc. I do admit that I ate dinner at Subway in New York City once. I was hungry and it was right there!


I try to maximize my time. See what you can. They are business trips after all, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy seconds of views. I once admired the mountains near Salt Lake City … from the airport. It was still a great view. Have a positive outlook and enjoy.


The plane ride also fits here. Try to get upgraded to or buy business class so you can work (more room) or sleep.  Airlines now have lie down seats on even some domestic flights. I had one on a Chicago-Miami flight, which is only 2.5 hours, but I was still able to take a good nap and even get some work done.

Make life count.

Christoph’s 2016 travel schedule 

As a sidebar, so far this year, I’ve flown or have booked 71 legs and 60,000 miles already. Travel is fun and important to me. If people have me come out that means they want to see me. So far here’s where I’ve been this year and what’s booked already:

January – Chicago, Detroit

February – Rochester, NY, Düsseldorf, Germany, NYC

March – NYC, San Diego, Louisville, Montreal, Canada, Detroit

April – Atlanta, Boston, Louisville, Chicago

May – Kansas City, Cleveland, Boston

June – Boston

July, Chicago, Miami, Kansas City

August – Peoria, Ill.

September – Cleveland, Las Vegas, Billings, Montana

October – Des Moines

November  – Las Vegas