But doesn’t he know without me telling him?

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The answer is likely no.

Many people don’t get subtle messages. It may not be their strength to read them. Some might choose to ignore them. But we’ll give people the benefit of the doubt here and assume subtle messages are hard to catch for some. They are too subtle! Ha.

This kind of discussion can come up when one person’s authentic story is affecting another person’s and the second person is feeling negatively stressed and impacted by it.

Sometimes that person may choose to talk to other people about it – just not the person who is actually leaving the impact.

But wouldn’t he know? He can tell, right?

Nope. Don’t count on it.

It might not be as obvious as it seems from one perspective.

They only way to be sure is to tell them. Better yet ask some questions to uncover facts that were unknown. There usually are.

The best way to be sure somebody knows and understands is to go to the source and discuss it. Plus, reaching out and having a conversation like adults is a relationship builder.


Of course, even when we share clear messages people might still not receive the intended message. At the very least, it’s a better try for clear communication.

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