Call to Action on The Authentic Storytelling ProjectA Call to Action is the copy – sometimes an image – that asks the visitors to a website to do something. For example, the homepage of The Authentic Storytelling Project’s main call to action used to be “Please read my blog below.”

In 2016, it’s BOOK CHRISTOPH to speak at your conference or train your team in content marketing and storytelling techniques.

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Other common Calls to Action  on websites  are:

  • Call now
  • Buy now
  • Click here for more
  • What do you think about this topic? Leave a comment below.
  • Like us on Facebook. (Did it work? Did you click?)
  • Donate here
  • Receive updates by email

Calls to Action have a place and work when done right. Savvy online marketers conduct A/B testing to see which Call to Action gets more responses. The website is then adjusted based on the test results.

Calls to Action are great when they are relevant to the user and/or make navigation easier. Ultimately, they also help a website with cash flow. Good and relevant Calls to Action make the buying process easier and encourage it – if your website is selling something.

[Tweet “”Calls to action should allow people to take the next step in their journey.” – @ctrappe”]

But it’s also good to keep the overall usability of a site in mind. Some marketers argue that everything needs a Call to Action. I would say that Calls to Action are needed when they add value to the end user. Unnecessary or forced Calls to Action to encourage action by the user don’t get the user to act anyway – other than ignoring the Call to Action.

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