[STORYTELLING] How to get access to the people with the good stories

It’s virtually impossible to share good and meaningful stories if we don’t have access to the people who lived and participated in those stories. That’s why personal storytelling is so much easier than organizational storytelling. We already have access to the person who lived the […]

Be aware of the experts who can’t do any of what they are talking about!

There certainly are enough self-proclaimed content marketing experts out there. They seem to have forgotten that you aren’t an expert until some other people call you one. [Tweet “”You are an expert when other people call you one.” – @ctrappe “] Certainly, experts and thought leaders […]

How to share better content for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (and in general)

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is every October. Many healthcare organizations, advocates and the media will all share stories surrounding breast cancer. That’s great because stories raise awareness and can lead to donations, advocacy and top-of-mind awareness of organizations that offer help. Organizations blog, tweet and share […]