Google has blocked thousands of coronavirus-related ads and one healthcare organization says that’s hurting outreach

Estimated read time: 2 minutesChris Pace, Chief Digital Marketing Officer at Banner Health, posted this to social media: Google is preventing the purchase of any COVID-19/Coronavirus keywords through their Google Ads platform. I think they should open it up to validated/verified health care providers. Not […]

When healthcare pricing is transparent we can actually make decisions [Real-life example]

Estimated read time: 2 minutesHealthcare pricing has been a hot topic over the years certainly. In years past, it was almost impossible to know what the cost would be until you were done with a procedure, back at home and then they send you the […]

[Corporate content marketing] Here’s why anecdotes are actually a decent measurement

Estimated read time: 3 minutesI hear marketers complain all the time about measurements: Too many measurements Too many platforms Those measurements are not what we want And yes, ultimately all business actions at some point need to help with revenue – directly or indirectly. Content […]