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The list “is a way for you to recognize your peers, friends, and heroes who have been contributing to the #HealthIT, #HITsm, #hcsm, #HITchicks, #hcldr, and other related communities through their tweets, blogs, books, etc. “, according to the organizers.

Basically, the list is for people involved in healthcare in the areas of social media, leadership or IT. I spend most of my time working with healthcare institutions on their content marketing programs, which includes social media, blogging and enewsletters. Very thankful for all the votes and nominations.

You can find the full list here.

Here’s a look at the Top 13: 

In addition to being ranked No. 1, I also nominated 27 people myself. It’s my pleasure to be a part of the healthcare social media, blogging and content marketing community.

I actually had the most duplicate nominations as well (those weren’t counted) but only because I retweeted people when they nominated me. My intent wasn’t to add a vote to the total but to share their kind words.

Some of the nominations:

sandra fancher nomination nominations 4 nominations 3 nominations 2 saad khan nomination nominations mary sharp and andy gradel nominations better stories on social media adidng his voice sharing tips telling nomination storytelling nomination

Some other thoughts and pictures:

hit 1

top 10

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