[CONTENT CREATION] How to stop my iPhone from constantly running out of storage space 

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

My iPhone runs out of storage constantly. I save Periscope broadcasts, YouTube videos and, of course, photos on it. 

I see something worth sharing, do a Scope or take a photo or 10 and the thing fills up in no time. Video especially takes up a lot more storage than photos or text documents. 

Of course, the easiest answer for more storage is to buy a bigger iPhone. I actually bought an iPod Touch a while back and use that to listen to my music to free up space on the iPhone. 

I was also diligent about deleting pictures and videos off the phone once I was done with them. I’m not too worried about saving them on the phone since I post them usually to like 2-4 channels and could always download them from there.

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How to easily delete multimedia from the iPhone 

Go to PHOTOS and open the CAMERA ROLL. Click SELECT top right. (You may have to repeat this in other folders, too.)

Swipe your finger across each photo without it leaving the screen. Click DELETE (the garbage can). (Remember to save photos you want to keep elsewhere first.)

But I’m still running out of storage…

Despite me deleting things I was still running out of storage and when I checked it was because of photos and videos still beinf saved on the phone. You can check what takes up storage in SETTINGS: General >>> Storage & iCloud usage >>> Manage storage.

I found that when I delete items, the phone moves them into a folder called RECENTLY DELETED.

And while images expire and actually delete themselves in that folder, it wasn’t happening quick enough for me and that folder was counting against my available storage. 

Solution: I just had to repeat the delete steps outlined above in the RECENTLY DELETED folder. 

Problem solved. 

Running out of storage when we are about to take that great photo or video is never good. Here’s to that never happening to you (or me again).