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Here’s my keynote to a medical simulation and training conference in Peoria, Ill., in 2016. The community is growing quickly globally and the organizers asked me to speak about how they can connect better through the art of storytelling – especially with members being spread around the globe.

Audience feedback: 

Some of the good feedback:

I found him inspiring.
Was interesting, the approach and everything. The way he managed to make us participate.

Excellent storytelling and how and when to use a good story to get a point across or focus a conversation
Great comments and overview of social media
Great speaker
And some of the not so good:
What was the point of his talk anyway? Not related to me.
Good info but presenter seemed needy!
Maybe somebody got some value from this, I did not.
I hate telling stories, actually I’m really bad at it. Doesn’t really apply to me and my position.
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