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Listed as a No. 1 new public relations book in 2020 with copies sold in Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America. My third book is about how to create a content performance marketing culture and is now available. This 2020 textbook helps you move your content from happening to performing. The Content Marketing Institute listed the book as one of 67 books you need to read for your content marketing efforts.

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Businesses spend so much on marketing, creative and the likes. They have to drive results. Of course, what the results are is open to a good strategy session. This book shares the latest and how to move content from happening to content performing.

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About the author

A trained journalist, Christoph expanded his journalistic storytelling skills in content marketing across many industries, including healthcare, SaaS and publishing. 

Today, he’s a global top 14 content marketer, top 38 c-suite exec in publishing and top 100 digital marketer. Read more

Amazon Reviews

Reviewed in Canada on April 26, 2020

I heard Christoph speak in 2017 at Social Media Camp in Victoria BC. Christoph is deeply immersed in the social media world. I loved his approach to all his digital content. He is meticulous in his documenting, Following his day to day online activity could be considered lessons in the how-to of online communications.

Reviewed in the United States on April 16, 2020

Jason G. Falls

Reviewed in the United States on April 16, 2020


Reviewed in the United States on November 7, 2020

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Speaking about content performance culture

I would be happy to speak at your conference or company about creating or improving  your content performance culture. To see speaking clips and to book me check out my speaking page.

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How to create a content performance culture 

Companies  spend so much on marketing, creative and the likes. They have to drive results. Of course, what the results are is open to a good strategy session. This book shares the latest and how to move content from happening to content performing. 

This session will cover the steps from my Content Performance Culture book on how to make content performance easier.

As part of Create Once Publish Everywhere we will discuss integrating 

  • Podcasts 
  • Immersive video 
  • Articles 
  • Etc.

How to integrate new storytelling tools in your content marketing

VR video, podcasting, and other new emerging technologies are easier than ever to implement with improvements in technology and costs going down. In this session, Christoph Trappe will share how you can easily do VR video and podcasts as new parts of your overall Create Once, Publish Everywhere strategy without breaking the bank.

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For your convenience here’s the table of contents of the book with page numbers at time of publishing.

Table of Contents
About the author 3
Content Performance Philosophy 9
An Embraced Culture 10
The Anecdote as a Measurement 11
Innovation by All 15
Use Technology – Laptops 17
Next Play Mentality 18
Why Next-Play Mentality Matters 21
What are Personas? 25
Distribution Strategies: Book On Podcast Channels 26
Your Accidental SEO Strategy Worked, Now What… 28
What’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? 28
What’s Accidental SEO Then? 28
Common Current State 29
Building on an Accidental SEO Strategy 30
Right Players 32
SLAs 33
Which Role On My Team Should Be The Digital Analyst? 33
Job requirements for a digital marketing analyst: 35
Addition by Subtraction 35
Act Like a Journalist 38
Embrace Being the Expert 40
Ongoing evaluation 41
Content Strategy 44
Editing for Preference 45
Workflows 47
My Swiping Test Would I Recommend The Slider Function To Write Blog Posts? 47
Repeating Stories to Drive Results 49
How To Become a Content Influencer 51
1. Share content 51
2. Get on a schedule 54
3. Use the right hashtags 54
4. Keep re-evaluating 55
Do You Know So and So? 56
Personality 57
Design 59
Trying New Networks 59
Just Create 60
Mobile Creation 62
Podcasting 62
How to Open a Podcast Episode 64
Does this even help with performance? 65
How Long Should Podcast Headlines Be? 66
How Long Should My Podcast Be? 67
How To Livestream Your Podcast 67
What’s the COPE model? 67
Recording – iPhone 71
Technical Setup for Live Streams 71
On Periscope 72
On Twitter 73
Have a Plan for Live Audio 73
Livestream with Guest 74
Transcribing Podcasts 76
Podcast Setup and Syndication 77
Publishing your podcast 78
How To Be A Good Guest On A Podcast 80
Know Your Areas 80
Have Starter Questions 81
Be Real 81
Mistakes Happen 81
Technology 81
You are Always Recording 82
Should I Listen to Myself? 82
Once it’s Published 82
Promoting Podcasts via Twitter Thread 82
Consider Distributing via Alexa 84
Do Podcasts, Images and Video Get Indexed in Search? 85
Images 86
Google image search 86
YouTube 90
Facebook 90
What Counts as a Podcast Listen? 92
Be Aware that Listeners Can Skip Ahead 92
Podcast Sponsorships 94
This is a podcast listen… 96
Why It’s Okay To Record Podcasts Publicly – In Some Circumstances! 98
Immersive and other Video 99
How YouTube is Improving the Virtual Reality/360 Video Experience 99
VR and Products 102
Video Lighting 106
Video or Audio? 109
Which Way To Hold The Phone For Video Shooting! 112
4K? 114
Editing Software 116
Future of Design 117
Video Editing 117
Live Video 119
Tools 121
What’s Best? YouTube Live, Periscope, Facebook Live, Instagram Live? 124
How To Repurpose Video Perfectly 125
Live video first 125
Edited video second 126
Written story next 126
Content Creation Workflows 126
What Should I Name My Blog? 126
Phased Approach – Website Launch 128
Should We Put Our Webinars On YouTube And Social Media? 131
Using Link Shortener When Sharing? 133
Why not to use link shorteners 136
How To Pick That Perfect Technology Solution 137
The workflow 137
Scheduling Emails 139
How to schedule email for delayed delivery 139
Tools Wrap 140
Create In The CMS 141
How To Use Internal Links From Old Articles To Drive Traffic 143
Optimized Pictures 145
Linking Within Context 147
Mobile Content Creation Tips and Tricks 151
Writing Everywhere 151
Why You Should Take iPhone Pictures In The Live Function 153
Stop Trying to Catch Up 155
Realizing what’s holding us back 155
Finding a Solution 156
Seeing What Works 156
How And Why I Added My Blog As A Flipboard Magazine 157
Driving Performance 158
What’s Better? A Popup Or An Inline CTA? 160
What’s an Inline Ad? 160
What’s a Popup? 161
My Metrics 161
More Placement Ideas 163
How To Use All That Content You Are Creating In Email Marketing 166
Common State 166
Using Existing Content 167
Should We Link To Other People’s Content From Our Newsletters? 168
How To Easily Avoid Duplicate Content Issues Using This Simple Trick…. 172
How Does Automation Fit? 175
The Basics of Common Automation 176
The Most Common Automation 177
Social Media 177
Email 178
Chatbots 180
Websites 182
Tasks that reuse information 182
The Skill to Learn 183
Remember Mobile 183
Phased Functionality 184
Mobile Design 186
More SEO 187
How Long Does It Actually Take To Rank For A Term? 187
Does Social Media Help With SEO? 189
Ways Podcasts Can Help You Rank In Search Engines 191
Should we do keyword research before recording a podcast? 193
Voice Search 193
Takeaways: Voice search results 196
How To Handle Corrections To Web Content 197
The Typo on an Airplane 200
Reading Content to Keep Up on the Team 201
Apple News 202
Twitter 203
Automatic emails 204
Flipboard 205
Google Data Studio 205
Final Thoughts 205
Don’t Get in a Rut 209
Forward progress 211
What’s a marketing obstructionist? 211
Get in the Weeds – Sometimes 212
Webinars 212
Conference Coverage 213
Why Your Company May Want To Set Up An Experiential Marketing Team 214
How to start your own experiential team 215
Do it for the Audience 217
How I lost a Quarter Million Dollar Proposal 220
Speaking and Training 223