Creating buzz: Giveaway ideas for businesses

A giveaway can be a good idea to create buzz for your business. But what are some giveaway ideas for businesses? That’s what I will discuss in this article, including the following:

What is a giveaway for businesses, and what are the goals?

A giveaway is any campaign where consumers can win something by entering the contest. Giveaways build on the concept of hope. I want whatever it is the company is giving away. And I’m giving them my email address or phone number or taking other action they want me to take for that chance.

The goal of giveaways usually is to:

  • Create buzz
  • Get new potential customers to sign up
  • Once you have their email and they’ve shown interest, you can follow up

Giveaway ideas for businesses

What to give away in a giveaway contest depends on your business and what’s available to give away. But in general, I would break down the options as follows:

Company swag

You could give away company swag like t-shirts, hats, or hoodies. If it’s a well-known brand where the consumers think of themselves as fans, this could be a good strategy if fans want to show off your brand publicly.

An experience

An experience is another giveaway idea for businesses. for example, if you are on a sports team, you could give away a special get-together with the players or executives. Other companies could give away a tour of the facilities or things that’s a physical, real-life experience.

This can be great when the experience is worth it for consumers. If it is, they will likely share pictures and videos on their social media about it.

Something related to the product

Hotels do this often. For example, I frequently see giveaways from hotels like Hilton. “Enter for the chance to win <some number of> points. You can use them for your next vacation.”

If you aren’t a loyalty member, you can easily sign up.

Many companies can run versions of these:

  • Enter our giveaway to get free access  for a month to this new feature in the software
  • Join the giveaway to be the first to offer feedback on this new product.

I like this type of giveaway because it doesn’t stray too far from why people have a relationship with the company to begin with. It offers an additional value of some kind and hopefully keeps building that long-term relationship.

Something trendy but not related to the company

I see this at conferences often. “Come to our booth for your chance to win an Apple Watch.” And while an Apple Watch might be nice to have if you don’t have one already, it has nothing to do with that business.

But relevant or not, if it’s trendy enough, it might still get people to pay attention and enter the giveaway.

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How to set up a giveaway

Using Outgrow, you can set your giveaway up on your website as a landing page, popup, or several other ways. 

displaying a giveaway for business

I usually think of it like this: Where can you drive the highest signups? If you have a lot of traffic on your website, consider a popup or even an in-content registration. On the other hand, a full-page landing page might be best if you drive social media traffic.

The key here is that the experience is simple. When I entered the Hilton giveaway, there was hardly any work for me involved.

The message drew me in; the offer was relevant and enticing. So click, click, log in. Done. Entered. I’m ready for my vacation.

Final thoughts

Running a relevant giveaway – especially with a strategy to get it in front of people – can be a great way to connect with new prospects while positively showing off your product or company. I would recommend trying it.

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