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The “culture of storytelling” is a phrase used to describe groups, including businesses, organizations and even families who have consciously agreed together to share their authentic stories publicly after experiencing them. 

It’s a culture that accepts (and expects) people to spot stories and share them. Systems are in place to make sure stories lived by frontline staff (and everyone) are easily shared and it’s apparent when and where stories were shared by an organization.

Cultures of storytelling also understand that not all stories are marketing-type positive stories. Even negative ones are shared and often turned into teaching opportunities. This does not mean that all stories are shared. There are way too many to do that!

In true and matured storytelling cultures everyone participates. That includes even the CEO, as well as janitors. Everyone has stories that they live and that are worth sharing with a wider interested community. 

Members of this culture understand that stories that are told first have to be lived. They aren’t constructed in a marketing committee meeting but are experienced by members of the community and then shared publicly – often through the help of marketing team members. 

Cultures of storytelling can help those cultures be more meaningful in the long-term and build deeper relationships between its members and others connected to them. 


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