Does Twitter allow you to repeat Tweets?

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Yes, as of August 2016, Twitter still allows the repeating of Tweets within reason and you can even retweet yourself.

I do repeat myself on Twitter and use to do that. But here’s my typical rule:

I usually don’t repeat a tweet – if it’s worth repeating – until several days later. Typically, that’s five days and more commonly 13 days. I like the 13-day interval because it spaces things out quite a bit and rotates days of publication.

Twitter moves so fast that most followers will not notice and I see great engagement with repeat posts.

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But it’s possible to repeat yourself too much.

As Tyler Luebke said, people repeating the same thing daily needs to stop. Agreed.

And Twitter already actively stops repeat Tweets that are too close to each other. I ran a test and found that posts repeating within an hour will be rejected.

That’s probably a good rule since that does seem a bit overkill.

Repeating valuable information from time to time seems okay. People who haven’t seen it will be thankful but don’t overdo it.

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