Why your email domain must have a working website behind it

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John Weiler previously told me that it’s best for businesses to use professional email addresses. Not just Yahoo or Gmail.

That’s probably not a terrible strategy as it gives you more of a professional look and also increases brand visibility. Your brand is right there in the email domain.

So let’s assume you have made the decision to use a professional email domain. That could be as simple as your website. So I could use this domain or christophtrappe.com for example.

The problem

But there is a problem I’m seeing more and more out there in the wild and that includes people using professional emails but the domain doesn’t even have an associated website.

That might look like this: ctrappe@example.com.

So “example” might be the name of my company and I have set up my email with it.

But I haven’t had time to set up the corresponding website.

See a lot of times what I do when I get emails from other professionals and if I’m not very familiar with them I will take any email domain that they sent from and copy and paste it into the browser to check out their website.

And more often than I would love to admit there is no website. I will get a “website not found” or a Go Daddy parked site or something like that.

Now you might think that’s not a huge problem because after all the professional email domain has been established. But I think it is a problem because if somebody reaches out trying to build a business relationship and you can’t even check them out that can be a red flag. It certainly is to me.

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I previously shared how to quickly set up a website and another article covered tips for building a responsive site. Doing those things has probably never been easier and you can launch a simple website with a couple pages in probably an hour or so.

On the website, at least have an overview of your company, who you are and what you do and maybe some customer testimonials to get started.

A second best option if you are a solopreneur could be to redirect your email domain to your LinkedIn page. Just make sure the LinkedIn profile is filled out well and in a detailed manner.

The hardest part of the whole process is probably to think about it and to remember to do it. I hadn’t thought about it until I saw a trend of getting emails from people without working websites.

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