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An embed code is text that people can copy from one website and paste into their website to display content from the other website.

embed code youtubeYouTube, for example, offers an embed code for videos.  This code can often be customized to adjust the size of  video and can  be pasted into other websites.

The video will then directly show up on the new website, but the original owner still owns and controls it. They could delete it, for example.

Embed codes are great for content marketers, storytellers and thought leaders for two reasons:

  • The codes allow them to highlight other people’s content in their own posts.
  • The codes allow their own content to be shared and reach more people.

Adobe Voice (podcasts) and slideshare (presentations) also offer an embed code with each posting,

WordPress allows embed codes and it’s easy to embed video, audio, Tweets and more.

There have been reports before that organizations didn’t want people to embed a video. While this is a personal choice, allowing others to share your content can help this content be consumed by more people. YouTube, for example, also allows people to turn the embed code off option completely.

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