Epic content marketing book shares how our stories can help our businesses

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epic content marketing by joe pulizzi
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Content marketing is the practice of sharing relevant content for specific audiences to ultimately change people’s behavior and lead them to becoming customers. However, the actual piece of content isn’t selling and it’s not a traditional advertising or marketing message.

Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, lays out the steps to build businesses through content marketing in “Epic Content Marketing: How to tell a different story.”

People buy from companies that they trust and that solve their problems. Companies that execute an effective and meaningful content marketing strategy answer a target audience’s questions and solve their problems. They are more educational and enlightening than sales driven.

But don’t read that wrong: These companies have paying customers and make money. They just build their audiences and customer bases differently. They are build through relationships and knowledge sharing. And then those relationships are long-term.

Mr. Pulizzi highlights dozens of companies that do this successfully and some that have done this for many years.

John Deere, Lego, Coca-Cola are just a few listed.

Mr. Pulizzi walks us through the process of starting a content marketing program, how to evaluate it and how to decide what topics to pick for the project.

He also mentions some of the downfalls:

  • Project timeline too short.
  • Content isn’t very engaging
  • Content isn’t marketed enough and can’t be found.

And even though the concept of content marketing has been around for decades, with the majority of consumers now searching on the web for information, content marketing has risen to a new level and exposure.

Mr. Pulizzi also discusses the rise of his own company – The Content Marketing Institute – through content marketing and freely shares his successes. In seven years, the institute has spent $40,000 on advertising, a relatively small amount. The organization has mostly grown through organic content marketing.  He does mention, though, that paid advertising can help companies, even when their content marketing programs bring in customers. It’s about the right mix of channels.

Overall, an educational read that I would recommend to business owners, executives and marketing/communications staff.

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