Even conversations with one-word “sentences” can lead to miscommunication 

Estimated read time: 1 minutes

In case anyone forgot how easy miscommunication actually is, here’s an example. 

I bought something at a store.

“Receipt?” the cashier asked. 


“Okay, bye. Have a great day.”

“Can I get my receipt?”

Yup. I guess my yup sounded like a nope?

Maybe I do pronounce my yeses in a no kind of way. Who knows. 

But it’s a good reminder how easy miscommunication actually is. People mishear things, some mumble and maybe we were thinking about something else while they were talking. 

Think about much more complicated discussions. Mis-communications will happened. Guaranteed! Just work threw them. Some ways to make sure miscommunications aren’t happening: 

  • Watch reactions. Do they align with the discussion? 
  • When somebody seems unsure, ask: “Would you like me to go over it again?” 
  • Ask people to explain their understanding. Just make sure you don’t come across as a bossy person in this approach. 

Uncorrected miscommunications have us live and remember the wrong stories. The problem is they will be our actual stories. Be sure to catch miscommunications and correct them. It’s the only way for people to remember the correct stories. 

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