FACEBOOK: How to create those images-with-text posts on Facebook

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

You may have seen those posts on Facebook that look like images with a colorful background and then text on top of that background. 

Here’s an example:

I saw these popping up more and more and started wondering how people do them. Do they use some kind of image generator and then add the text or how do they do it? I just couldn’t figure it out. The next time I saw one of these posts I even pushed from my phone on the status update and tried to save it like I would do with an image. Turns out I couldn’t do that. So that was a hint that it wasn’t actually an image.

But I still couldn’t figure it out so finally I saw our preschool teacher posting an update just like this one so I ask her how she did that. ? 

So here’s how you do it:

Start a new post directly in the Facebook app. Start typing as you normally would and at the bottom you see the different colors that you can choose. Pick one to set it as the background.

Super easy and it does offer a little bit of a visual aspect to an otherwise text-only post.

The background color function is not available if you add a link or if your post is too long. I used the Wordcounter website to figure out how long a post can be. The background functionality turns off after 30 words and 132  characters – so even shorter than a tweet (140 characters).

And is it worth doing? I don’t know. There’s really no way to measure if it’s working or not because only personal pages can currently do that. Pages on Facebook don’t have that functionality available as of mid-June 2017. Of course, you could just start a post on a personal page with this functionality and then screenshot it and upload it as an image to a Facebook page.

Is that worth the effort? I don’t know but might be worth trying. 

If it is worth the effort it could also be a way to encourage people to publish directly in the Facebook app and on Facebook natively as opposed to using third-party tools. 

From a consumer perspective I have noticed those posts get  a lot more of my attention then regular text-only post. They stand out. So it might be worth trying – at the very least now you also know how to do them. I had no idea.

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