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In late 2015, Facebook started rolling out Facebook Live, which basically allows Facebook users to live stream video to their Facebook friends. Facebook was enabling the function in phases and as of January 17, 2016, I still don’t have it on my Facebook account. Facebook Live video puts us into an interesting situation. Should we use it like Periscope or is it different? I would say that more of my Facebook friends are actual personal connections. Sure, there are some professional connections, but I’m also connected to high school classmates, friends from when I grew up in Germany and so forth. On Twitter, my 56,000 followers are mostly interested in authentic storytelling content. So, sharing a Periscope of my favorite topic with them is of interest to them. That same live video broadcast likely would be less of interest to my Facebook community.

With 70-some percent of Internet users on Facebook – many constantly – it’s easy to think that Facebook is a definite area for live video. It may be, but it depends on what you are live streaming and who you are connected with. But it’s not an automatic shoe-in just because everyone is on Facebook.

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