Facebook Profile “Pictures” Now Can be 7-second Videos

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Facebook profile videoI just ran across this new Facebook feature. Facebook Profile Pictures are no longer restricted to just photos. Ha. You can now upload a short video.

As you can see in the nearby photo, you can upload a 7-second video as your profile photo. Seven seconds go by fast, so make every word count.

As of Jan. 3, 2016, you can record or upload the video from the mobile app but not from desktop browsers. Also, it does take a while for the video to process and appear as the profile “picture.” Once it’s viewable, Facebook sends you a notification to let you know.

profile video notification

The video is then viewable by others from mobile and desktop. My profile video is also viewable by people not even logged into Facebook.

So, what should you say or show in the video?

I tried to keep it to a short hello and a sentence on what I talk about on Facebook – which is mostly storytelling-related things.

You could share something interesting about yourself or maybe keep up with current events. For New Year’s you could wish people a Happy New Year, for example.

It will be interesting to see if people will actually watch these videos and if people will use them to share meaningful information.

I actually thought most people don’t even turn the sound on when Facebook videos start autoplaying. We will see if anyone watches these.

While video uploads to Facebook have been around for years, this is yet another Facebook video-related move in recent history:

  • Facebook videos started autoplaying a while back.
  • Facebook Live is currently rolling out to more and more users (Related: How to unsubscribe from Facebook Live notifications)

  • Profile videos

Here’s an example of my first try at a Facebook Profile video:

I took it down because IFTTT automatically syncs my Twitter profile photo to whatever it is on Facebook. As you can see below, the still from the video didn’t really fit on Twitter.

facebook profile video on twitter

Let me know if you come up with any create Facebook profile videos here or on Twitter.

As far as I can tell, Facebook profile videos are not currently available for Facebook Pages.

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