[FITNESS BLOG TEST] How accurate is the heart beats per minute on the Fitbit Surge?

Estimated read time: 1 minutes

I love my Fitbit. It tracks my sleep, steps and heart rate. The heart beats per minute  is probably what I check the least but it’s still interesting to swipe over to from time to time. 

I check my tracked sleep daily and know that I need to hit around seven hours without waking to be as happy as possible. So I make that a goal and hit it often – barring children interference. #dadlife

I also try to hit 10,000 steps on most days. 

I know that my resting heart rate is around 60-70 beats per minute and that goes up to low to mid 100s when I do cardio workouts – like running. 

But how accurate is the Fitbit? Very, according to a quick test I ran thanks to my nurse during a doctor’s visit. She measured 72 beats per minute while the Fitbit Surge showed a 69. So it’s pretty close and accurate. Good to know. 

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