[FITNESS BLOG] We always have a choice #gymlife

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While on an 11-week travel stretch in early 2016 I had one week that looked like this: 

Monday – leave for Boston 

Wednesday afternoon – return to Cedar Rapids 

Thursday early morning – leave for Atlanta

Friday evening – return home

What a week, but as I say: “Flying around the world means people want to see me.”

When I got home Wednesday, those couple of evening hours were reserved for family time. Phones down! On Thursday morning though (before my 6:40 a.m. flight) the family was still asleep.

“I might get up at 3 to go to the (24-hour) gym,” I told my wife on Wednesday. 

“Why would you have to do that?” She replied. “I guess you don’t have to. You choose to.”

#boom Exactly. I had a choice and I made all choices deliberately on that trip – and I try to in general as well.

I had a great lift that morning and interestingly wasn’t even the first person at the gym that day. I slept some on the plane and the Atlanta trip ended up being great too and attendees of the healthcare conference enjoyed my content marketing keynote. (According to recorded feedback the session was rated 5.4 out of 6.)

Our lives are about choices. Here’s to making the right and most meaningful ones.