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Many brands are starting podcasts and are then disappointed by the number of downloads. One way to maximize your podcasting is by livestreaming the recordings to your existing social communities like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. Other channels to consider include Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces and Amazon Live.

Live podcasting bookMy fourth book “Going Live” is now out and covers how any brand can make livestreaming part of their content strategy and integrate it into Create Once, Publish Everywhere. I discuss:

  • Why and how livestreaming can give your brand a competitive advantage
  • How to show your brand’s authenticity and humanness
  • Strategies
  • Technologies
  • Channels
  • How to repurpose the content perfectly
  • Virtual reality
  • Integration with virtual conferences
  • And more…

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Ross Brand

Reviewed in the United States on March 11, 2021

As someone who has long advocated podcasters live stream their podcast recordings to social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn, and use clips from that video recording to promote the podcast in snackable video posts across social media, including on Instagram, I’m thrilled to see that experienced content marketer and highly-ranked podcaster Christoph Trappe has taken up the cause in this book. “Going Live” provides a step-by-step game plan for any podcaster to learn how to live stream their podcast and take advantage of the many benefits live video adds to their online outreach. Go live and see your podcast grow and even monetize with the tips included in this book.
Brett Williams

Reviewed in the United States on March 15, 2021

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Similarly to my Content Performance Culture book I will also release chapters as podcast episodes.

Podcast appearances

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Conference talks

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I’m open to speaking at your conference about this topic as well. Virtually or on-site. Drop me a note here and we can discuss the specifics. This session is one option:

How brands can integrate podcasts and livestreaming to drive content success

Many brands across B2B, B2C and D2C are getting into the podcasting game. It makes sense. Podcasts are yet another way to get in front of your audiences and build an authentic connection.

Podcasting can also help with SEO. But as often is the case, there are ways to maximize your podcast content even further. That of course includes writing blog post content from it, but the latest is to livestream your show to multiple channels for even more exposure.

It depends on brand and industry what channels work the best, and we’ll discuss the pros and cons for:

This session will share how to integrate these new channels into your overall strategy to truly throw your content a parade and drive as many results as possible with a good Return on Effort.



Experts mentioned

The book includes quotes, mentions and examples from experts like:

Thanks to Mary Sharp for editing this book.

Table of content

Foreword    9

Overview    12

Let’s get started    14

The networking    16

Interviewing is about listening    16

Finding podcast guests    17

Stay ahead of release schedule    17

Preparing for interviews    17

Your on-air voice    18

Share    18

Feedback    19

Keep it fun    19

Livestreaming and networking    20

It’s not TV    21

It’s the mindset    22

Expectations    24

How to start a live video podcast    26

Why to start a video podcast    30

Replays matter    34

Starting your video podcast    36

What’s your overarching topic?    37

Set a rough agenda    38

Who is your podcast talent?    39

Who will produce the show?    40

Syndication of your livestreams    43

Sign up for Anchor    45

Making livestreaming easier    47

How to dress on lives    47

Promotion    48

Resize images easily for different networks    50

Scheduling livestreams    52

The technical stuff    53

Custom thumbnails    57

Is scheduling livestreams worth it?    57

Other scheduling things to consider    59

Content preparation    59

The skills and what you are comfortable with    60

The setup    61

The stand-up desk    62

The chair    62

iPad keyboards, etc.    64

Livestream microphone    67

Snowball mic    68

Lavalier mics    68

Apple AirPods and Earbuds    70

USB mics    70

What to name your livestream    72

Brainstorming to pick a name    74

Be clear and on brand    75

Importance of the name    78

Being found in your niche    79

Voice devices    80

Can I change my podcast name?    81

Editorial planning    82

What to say at the beginning?    82

Guests or no guests?    84

Preparing guests for your livestream    86

Where will the link work?    88

Connect to Ethernet or get really close to the WiFi router    88

Close everything else    88

No VPNs if possible    88

Try to find a quiet space free from distraction    89

Think about where the windows are    90

Headphones are a good idea    90

Interviewing guests    91

Keyword research    96

Writing a good headline    98

Length of headlines    99

Knowing what works    100

Repurposing    101

Put your audience first    102

Closed captions    103

How to make sure your livestream works    105

Test ahead of time    105

Make sure network connections are on    106

Connecting networks    111

Twitter    111

LinkedIn    111

You have to be approved to stream to LinkedIn.    111

Facebook Groups    111

Keep an eye on the audio and connection    113

The comments    114

Ask for call-in voicemails    114

Check on an external channel    117

What’s the best time for your lives?    117

Audio monitoring    119

Conversation on lives    120

Framing on lives    122

At the start    123

Split screens    124

On-screen graphics    126

Sound effects    132

Verbal acknowledgment    133

Virtual conferences and livestreaming    135

Current state and virtual reality    136

Types of virtual presentations    137

Typical conference setup    137

Split screen    138

Presenter smaller, deck larger    139

PowerPoint only    140

Presenter only    141

Virtual presentation tips –
pick the right software and partners    141

Amazon Live streaming    143

How to start    143

Amazon Live with products    146

Add your own products    149

How to design your Amazon merch    152

Amazon Live idea    153

Turning your live into podcast    154

Why should you edit your podcast?    154

Even out the sound levels    154

Remove major mistakes    155

How about streaming to Instagram?    157

Instagram Reels    157

How to use video podcast clips    157

Fitting horizontal video    159

IGTV    161

LinkedIn Stories    164

Why am I not seeing LinkedIn Stories?    165

Can brands use LinkedIn Stories?    165

How to upload content to LinkedIn Stories    166

Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces+Facebook?    167

Clubhouse app for podcasters    167

And now Twitter Spaces?    168

Facebook?    169

Listening tool    169

Updating channels once off-air    170

Bringing people on stage    170

What are YouTube cards?    171

How to add YouTube cards to your videos    172

Can I add YouTube cards to older videos?    174

Trimming YouTube videos    175

LinkedIn Live    177

Editing previously live LinkedIn video    178

Distributing Lives to podcast channels    180

How to submit your podcast on Pandora    180

Sharing    180

Audiograms    183

How to produce audiograms    184

Audioburst    185

Wavve    185

Headliner    186

Lately    186

Are audiograms worth it as part of your podcast?    187

Who should own your live strategy?    189

Project ownership   191

Tools    192

Do what’s best for your audience    194

Overly promotional state    197

Being less promotional, more educational    198

Be entertaining and educational    199

Be available and have follow-up    200

Find unique angles    202

Books as lives    205

Streaming will continue to evolve    207

Final tips    209

Talk about what you know    209

Don’t overproduce    210

Have a plan    210

Call on an expert    210

Become comfortable with failure    211

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