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Setting up a Google Alert for specific topics, people or organizations that you care about is a great way to get automatic updates from Google when new content has been published surrounding the item in your Google Alert.

google alert content marketingAs of July 2014, I have around 60 Google Alerts set-up for keywords ranging from my name, clients, executives and topics that I care about.

Sometimes I get ideas for articles for The Authentic Storytelling Project out of them. Sometimes it’s just good to know that something was posted on the web about a particular topic. Sometimes I use the content sent through the Google Alert to send somebody a congratulatory note – if they’ve won an award for, example.

Google Alerts are free and you can set them to come in real time, once a day or once per week.

While they monitor the web, they typically don’t include mentions on social media networks. Other tools, however, exist for this.

Twitter, for example, can be searched through

Overall, Google Alerts are a great tool for marketers and others to get updated quickly when Google finds new content related to a topic.


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