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Update: In early 2015, Google announced that it would stop selling Google Glass.

google glass

Google Glass is a product with future potential and was created by Google. Initially offered in 2012 to beta testers – called explorers – for $1,500, Google Glass became more widely available in May 2014.

Basically, Google Glass is a wearable device – a computer on your glasses. Google also sells a frame and the device to people who don’t actually wear prescription glasses. In 2014, Google  started selling Glass in frames that regular glasses wearers could take to their eye doctor to add their  prescription lenses. When I checked into the cost for this in May 2014 for my prescription here’s what I came up with:

  • Google Glass – $1,500
  • Limited options for frames – $0-250
  • Prescription Glasses – $420

The 2014 version of Google Glass is still very limited in its functionality. You can take pictures with them by blinking. Clearly, it’s easier to take a photo of something happening right now with Glass than it is with the smartphone in your pocket. There are clear advantages to this for professional storytellers.

Some people have raised privacy concerns, however. There have been reports of assaults of Google Glass wearers because nearby persons didn’t want to be photographed. Whether or not the wearer was actually taking photos, I don’t know.

Some businesses have even proclaimed themselves “Google Glass free” and have prohibited anyone inside from wearing Glass.

Glass also gives directions and gives you the option to send social media updates or text through dictation.

The name of this product is Google Glass and not Google Glasses.