google trendsGoogle Trends is a free, online, tool by Google that allows us to make our authentic storytelling and content marketing more relevant and easier to find by people searching online.

Google allows you type in search terms at and see how often people have searched for those specific terms over history. You can add additional search terms to compare the two terms’ frequency against each other.

For example, in this image the search term for the red line is searched for much more often than the terms for the green and yellow lines. Of course, there might also be more competition with those and more people are sharing content around them.

Also, keep in mind that 15 percent of search terms each day have never been searched for up until this point.

My authentic storytelling suggestions:

  • Determine your topic. If I’m going to talk about Topic A and it’s aligned with a defined business reason, I will talk about Topic A, even when Topic B, which isn’t 100 percent relevant, gets more searches.
  • Pick the right words within your topic. Whatever your topic is, pick the words your audience and potential audience uses. Brainstorm, go to Google Trends and figure out what terms see more search inquiries. Then write your blog posts accordingly – but still authentically, of course.

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