How to grow social media (with expert tips)

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To grow your social media community you have to offer value to your community, be real and connect. It sounds simple enough but some companies struggle with this.

Diana Richardson, of SEMRush. shared her top tips on making it a success in this episode of the Business Storytelling Show.

It is true that the larger of a relevant audience we can assemble – an audience that cares about our topics – the more impact we can have, and in the long-term, the more impact that can have on your business. So, how do you grow a social media following in a meaningful and authentic way?

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Consider these tips:

  • Connecting – I connect with people whose updates I may want to follow.
  • Sharing – I continuously share updates. Using Buffer, I schedule updates throughout the day – around the clock.
  • Responding – When people talk to me, I try to respond. Now, sometimes people try to keep an unnecessary argument going. In those cases, I just stop the discussion or tell them that “I have nothing else to add.”
  • Share their content– I share other people’s updates when it fits with the topics that I normally talk about and if it’s interesting.
  • twitter shirtOffline – Share your Twitter handle with people offline. For example, when I speak at conferences, every single slide that I share has my Twitter handle on it. Depending on the conference I might also wear a shirt with my Twitter handle when dress codes allow.

Grow social media in any industry

Some people claim it’s hard to build your social media community in some industries. Certainly, it can be harder in some than others. And some industries may use one social network, while others use another. So keep that in mind. And some industries are smaller than others so don’t overestimate how many people may even be part of your community.

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But, it’s possible, as Iowa politician Rob Sands proves on his social media accounts. He shares valuable tips while being human on several networks and shares what he’s doing with me on this podcast episode.

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