Guess who is now a YouTuber… #dadlife 

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Not me. LOL. ?? My daughter is now a self-declared YouTuber. Her channel can be found here. 

That means that she:

  • Has her own channel
  • Publishes regularly 
  • Tells stories 
  • Is comfortable on camera ? (aka her iPad)

She’s done a nice job publishing almost daily videos discussing a variety of things I mostly don’t understand:

  • How to do something with slime 
  • How to not do something with slime 
  • Where to buy slime (I even took her shopping for some props – I had no idea there was such a market for slime)

Needless to say I’m not understanding most of the stuff she talks about, but I assume my mom didn’t follow most of the stuff I was talking about at that age. So, there. I’m old. 

I asked her why she started the channel.

“I was looking for something to do.”

So a kid started a channel, an editorial calendar (though she doesn’t use that term) and is on a regular publishing and distribution schedule. WHAT? No strategic planning for eight months? LOL. 

She didn’t even go to college for it. Neither did she attend a conference. Or attend useless webinars. 

She just started and keeps going. Sometimes cousins have gone on with her. Why not? Sometimes her younger sister appears because she wants one of the marshmallows being used in the recording. 

She grabs it and leaves. No reason to stop the recording or make a big deal about it. It’s life and it’s now part of the story. 

See, being real shouldn’t be hard. 

She’s also extremely good at implementing  feedback. She said “guys” all the time. Because, well, that’s what YouTubers do. She scaled that back though. ? Well done. 

So it’s so easy to get going and share stories. Some of her videos have more views than some of the highly over-produced and over-engineered videos I’ve seen from “real” brands. And she just did it! 

  • No committee meetings!
  • No Approval Hell
  • No one unnecessary watering down of content 
  • No superlatives – for the most part 

Just storytelling and publishing. There ya go. Sounds easy, right? Looked easy too. 

Organizational storytelling stakeholders really shouldn’t make it harder than it needs to be!

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