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I’m quick to share the positive testimonials I get when I speak. I create images with text and share them wide and afar. Some might say I’m throwing them a parade – a phrase I first heard on a Curalate/IMA webinar I was a guest on. You can find many of those positive testimonials on my speaking page here.

But I also get not so positive feedback. I’m discussing some of it in the Scope at the link below. You can also read it below.

Here’s a Periscope of me sharing negative feedback.

My worst rating for a workshop was a 1.75 out of 5. It was interesting, too, because it wasn’t all that different from the exact same workshop that I gave a few weeks earlier and that received a 4.5 out of 5. Sometimes it depends on:

  • Timing – when is the workshop being held? Some times are just better than others
  • Audience – the mix. While the topic works, sometimes when the audience is too diverse across disciplines examples don’t apply to all
  • The breaks – strategically placed breaks can be helpful, but badly timed ones can make it hard to get the audience back

And here’s a list overview of some of the negative feedback I’ve received over the years:

  • Paces 
  • Seems to be standing in one place too much
  • Irritating … slightly arrogant 
  • Tells too many stories
  • Thing is he’s not a good storyteller 
  • Why does he make the audience participate?
  • More audience participation 
  • Don’t force audience participation. It’s early
  • Nothing new presented
  • Not that funny
  • Didn’t like the structure of the session
  • Left early. Not impressed
  • Ignores the complexities
  • Stop fiddling with the tie 
  • Clears throat too much 
  • Know your audience more
  • Not specific enough 
  • Too specific for me
  • What was the point of his talk anyway? Not related to me.
  • Good info but presenter seemed needy!
  • Maybe somebody got some value from this, I did not.
  • I hate telling stories, actually I’m really bad at it. Doesn’t really apply to me and my position.
  • He mentioned twice that he was flying in and out (it was part of a story actually, but true)
  • The point of the workshop basically was that you should have a story!

Related Periscope:

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But, hardly anyone ever complains about no slides. Every once in a while somebody does and says they wanted something to look at – in addition to me. 🙂 

I appreciate feedback. The best feedback is actionable and specific:

Here’s specifically what could have been better and here’s why. 

Overall, I appreciate feedback – good and bad – and thought it would be great to share some of the negative feedback I received in the spirit of transparent storytelling.

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