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This keynote, which can also be converted to a longer workshop, is specifically designed for marketing and leadership conferences and usually most of interest to executives and managers.

How content strategy can unite otherwise siloed departments

Silos are only useful on farms but yet there are many in the business world today. Departments don’t talk, leave alone collaborate together to become the best organization possible.


Guest column with Angie Toomsen in the Brand Quarterly magazine on this topic. 

However, content strategy can bring people together and organically get them to work together. This is possible through a mix of authentic storytelling, meaningful sharing and seeing the impact of content strategy in real time.

Christoph Trappe, keynote content marketing speakerIMA Internet Marketer of the Year Christoph Trappe in this interactive session will share examples of this process working and show you how you can get there with your organization – no matter the current hurdles.


You will learn how to:

identify current barriers and make a plan
start actionable steps to get there
actually believe that it’s possible


More about the presenter, Christoph Trappe, The Authentic Storyteller.

Christoph’s rates:

US$3,000-US$6,000 in the United States and Canada (includes travel cost)

US$13,000-US$35,000 internationally (outside of North America. Includes travel cost)

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