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Being collaborative can’t take the backseat in moving projects forward. Unfortunately, many teams are less than collaborative, The problem today is that:

  • there’s never enough time
  • some communication channels are better than others
  • trust issues bubble up
  • some people aren’t aware of other people’s communication style
  • some people are just rude (sometimes by mistake)

In this session global storytelling expert Christoph Trappe will share how you can build an internal story that will help your teams move forward. He’ll share the strategy behind no idea being a truly bad idea if you collaborate and tie it back to your story.

Then we’ll discuss how to choose what channel to pick for what communications, This seems like an easy point, but many employees choose the less than perfect channel often.

This session is perfect for:

  • Anyone working with people
  • Anyone doing project work
  • Anyone working in an industry that’s undergoing rapid change

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