How – and why – to add others as contributors to your Facebook album

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I’ve shared before how to share pictures from one event or trip by using Facebook albums. This technique keeps things in one place and somewhat structured.

That story and advice was filed 4 years ago and it’s still a good strategy. Of course, things change in social media. As it relates to Facebook Albums, you can now add contributors. Scary and awesome at the same time. Add the wrong person and they may upload crap. Add the right person and it’s a great experience for all – including the audience.

Contributors to Facebook Albums can add photos, videos and posts – just like it’s their album. The album is also visible to their friends. Even if you set it to be visible to just your friends.

Choose carefully, I suppose.

I’ve only done this so far with my wife on a family vacation to Hilton Head Island and Savannah.

We both added photos and I set the privacy to friends only. We posted a variety of pics.


To beach pics.

To me sitting in a hot tub while it was just as hot out.

And of course there were pictures of amenities, food and our kids.

How to add Facebook Album contributors

When you create the album, simple click the toggle on “add contributor.”

Then add friends. Easy breezy. They get a notification.

Once they post you’ll get a notification for that post as well.

But does this work for Facebook pages?

Of course! Just make anyone who should be able to post to a page’s album a page contributor.

Easy breezy.

This way described here works for personal pages.

How can businesses use this?

Of course on their pages but if staff plan on sharing photos on their page consider asking them to just do one album together.

Of course, not everyone wants to friend coworkers on Facebook. (Read my thoughts on that here.)

Or just make people contributors to your page and post things there. If you just want to stay on Facebook especially something worth considering.

As much as I’d like to quit the network, there’s value to being on it. People use it.

Of course, as part of your Create Once, Publish Once strategy make sure you also use the images and content on your website and other channels.

Even though my vacation pics are barely related to this blog, I still found a way to COPE/repurpose some of them here.

Another thing that I found cool is that you can add text posts to albums.

Another way to share stories and keep them structured and in one place.


As people continue to use Facebook, why not make use of this feature? I’d say it’s worth it.

And if you can’t find a business storytelling reason, at least you can use it on your next family vacation.

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