How to get a Google Knowledge Panel

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Getting the Google Knowledge panel felt like reaching a goal I didn’t have. I stumbled across that when you search for me that I’m listed with the design elements of a Knowledge Panel.

You can get that as a brand or a person. As a business you can use Google My Business to get setup. As an individual you have to get chosen by Google.

How did I get chosen? Officially, I have no idea, but I can tell you what I’ve done over the years.

I blog constantly. Often daily. I share my own stories and experiences.

I get quoted in roundup and such.

I’m vocal on social media – even though things have changed plenty on social media

I speak at conferences

I have been listed on my company About pages for years

I’ve written two books – three technically, but one on live video was outdated when it hit bookstores.

So all those things probably – most likely – figure in here. Once I saw the panel I asked for it to be verified. That process took a day or two and now I can make suggestions on updates.

You have to prove it’s you by showing that you have access to the accounts that show in the results.

Upload a photo of yourself while holding an ID is the last step.

You also have to verbalize why you should get verified. I said who I am and that I want people to be assured that my info on here is correct.

It may also help that 40 people search for me per month on Google. That’s over 1 a day – in the United States. That’s a far cry from the 390 per month that search for Joe Pulizzi – the founder of the Content Marketing Institute.

Interestingly, ads show ahead of the knowledge panel. For example, content marketing guy Jay Baer has a panel as well and he appears to be running ads for his name. Those ads are showing up first.

So, not to be sneaky here, but if somebody is after my searches I guess they could run an ad for my name and have a landing page on how they are better than me?

That sounds like political ad strategies applied to digital marketing now.

Anyway, personal branding matters. And while it has cost me some jobs, it’s gotten me way more. And now it’s gotten me the Knowledge Panel treatment.

I would highly recommend that you start building your brand if you haven’t.


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