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Twitter officially replaced the favorite button with a heart in November 2015, which is good, because most people were using it to like things similar to what they do on Facebook anyway.

twitter heart

My friend Karla Campos reported that Twitter tested this function on her account in June 2015.


Original Feb. 10, 2015, post below:

On Twitter, you can favorite somebody else’s tweet.

favoriting tweets

Every tweet favorited also gets saved to the favorites section on my profile.

Some people use the favorite function to save a tweet and read it again later. That makes sense as it’s saved in the favorites section and is easier to find that way.

I used to do that, but Twitter kept getting faster and faster and I can’t even keep up with all the new tweets. I haven’t gone back in a while through my favorites until just now as I was writing this.

So how do I use the favorite function? I use it very similarly to liking something on Facebook.

If I have not much to respond to a tweet but want to acknowledge it, I favorite it. It’s like somebody posting a note on my Facebook wall. I like it to acknowledge it. Same concept on Twitter.

Sometimes, I favorite tweets if I want to let the person know that I saw it.

One is liking. One is acknowledging.

How does the other person know the difference? They don’t. That’s a problem with the same function meaning different things. And who knows if everyone has the same definition of usage.

If I have something with more meat to say, I’ll respond. If I think my followers would enjoy reading the tweet, I will retweet it. (As far as I know favoriting doesn’t share it like liking on Facebook does).

Personally, I prefer when people retweet my tweets over favoriting them. Retweeting spreads the messages, favoriting does not.