How long can my IGTV video be? And how to publish podcasts on IGTV

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When IGTV video first came out, I saw some advantages of it, but mostly disregarded using it. Why should I? It’s just another channel that eats up time, but then it crossed my mind that I should also post the video recordings of my podcast episodes there.

(IGTV stands for Instagram TV, by the way.)

To see if that would be a feasible strategy that wouldn’t eat up a ton of time, I need to figure out how long IGTV videos could be. There were two answers I found looking around my Instagram account.

  • Upload via the app
  • Upload from a browser

IGTV video uploaded from the app

Uploading video to IGTV from the app, which is my preferred way as that means I can use my iPad, I got the option to upload videos with a length of up to 15 minutes.

To upload an IGTV video, go to your profile, click on the IGTV logo and then on Upload.

If your video is under 15 minutes it’s a straight upload. If it’s over, you get a warning and have to edit the video down from within your device’s camera roll.

IGTV Video under 15

IGTV video upload from Safari

Then I logged into on Safari on my iPad to see how that would look and work. From there, interestingly, I could upload (in theory) videos of up to 60 minutes.

IGTV video upload on Safari

I tried that and got to this stage where my video would compress but then never appeared on the page.

IGTV video uploads on Safari

How I repurpose my podcasts as IGTV video

The benefit of IGTV videos for me is that I might be able to use it as another way to distribute my podcast recordings.

I really have two workflows for my podcast recordings with guests:

  • For audio only we record in the Anchor app.
  • If we go live via video on social media as well I use Switcher Studio for my production tool and Restream to distribute it to several channels.

The second version lends itself to also upload video to IGTV. All of my shows are under 60 minutes so if the Safari upload works, I could share entire episodes. Even the app where 15-minute uploads are allowed would work as that’s almost half of most episodes. Most of my episodes are somewhere between 25-45 minutes.

Here’s how my workflow in this use case looks:

Livestream to IGTV video workflow

I often also write articles from podcasts (which isn’t reflected as part of this implementation). But basically:

  • I go live with my guest and that gets distributed to five channels
  • Then I extract the audio and share the audio version to 15 channels and the video to YouTube, which is often done live as well.
  • Then I grab the video and upload it to IGTV.

Those three steps are done completely on my iPad. There used to be passionate debates over whether marketers should shoot video vertically or horizontally. I previously shared why I think this is less of an important debate now than 5-10 years ago.

And even though IGTV video is vertical technically it also displays horizontal video just fine. Here’s the YouTube version of a recent livestream:

Here’s how it looks on IGTV:

IGTV conclusion

Of course, all of our content strategies must come back to content performance and to maximize performance we also need to optimize time it takes to create content.

Getting the video on IGTV after the livestream which saved my video file was easy and quick. Even if the full 35-minute clip can’t be uploaded or doesn’t upload, posting the 15-minute version is easy enough and worth trying.

In regular Instagram feeds links aren’t clickable. But links in IGTV descriptions are clickable and hyperlinked. So you could link to the full video or a related article.

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