How many brands bring this kind of excitement?

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The other day Disney bands, which we will use on an upcoming Disney World vacation, arrived and here’s my seven-year-old’s reaction:


So exciting. Of course, we can’t actually use the bands until we go there, but they represent an experience. And of course the experience circles around many different Disney stories.

She’s counting down the days (using the Delta app, by the way).

Not all brands are Disney obviously but let’s think about how we can excite our customers and potential customers like Disney does. And let’s use Disney as a reminder of the power of story.

Sometimes it’s in the timing.

They could have just given us the bands once we arrived at the park – put them on our night stands.

Sending them early helps with the excitement and anticipation – as you can clearly see in the picture.

Brands that dazzle us win. 

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