How many enewsletters are too many?

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The sending of enewsletters is one of the most effective content marketing tactics. Most people still read emails. Email is not dead. At all. Even though, sometimes we’d like it to die. Ha.

I wondered how many enewsletters do I personally get and how do I decide which ones stand out to me? So, I ran a little test.

Every enewsletter is required to have an unsubscribe function so I thought the easiest way to track how many I get would be by filtering all emails with the word unsubscribe into a special folder. Between Sept. 1 and early Sept. 6, 2015, that folder had 100 emails in it. In just a touch over five days I received 100 enewsletters. Around 19 per day. Wow. That seems super high. Did I read them all? Nope! I even unsubscribed from some.

But I read the ones that:

  • Have super relevant content to me.
  • Arrive at the right time for me and when I actually have time to read them.
  • Do not end up in my spam folder.
  • Come from somebody I know (even if just online) and trust.
  • Don’t always sell to me.

A combination of these points make enewsletters relevant to me. The other day, I received like 12 at the same time. Needless to say I didn’t have the time to read all 12. I skimmed one and the others went into the trash. Not necessarily because the content wasn’t good (I have no idea if it was!) but because of the less-than-great timing. I was too busy for 12 emails.

Sometimes, relevant content is something new – something the reader didn’t know they wanted until they saw it. New things surprise us and pull us in. It’s the power of new.

If a newsletter just tells me what I already read 42 times yesterday on Twitter, what’s the point?

Enewsletters are a high-converting tactic and get read more than the gazillion Tweets flying by us, but just like all other channels, the content and everything around how it’s delivered need to be right for our audiences.

If it’s not it’s just more noise and irrelevant noise simply gets ignored.

What can we do to make enewsletters more relevant?

Enewsletters are a great way to connect with our audiences and communities. But, just like other channels, good enough is no longer good enough. Just a touch better than others isn’t good enough anymore either.

More relevant and more unique content is where the difference will be made.

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